Welcome on the webpages of ESD GmbH!

Because of the complexity of our corporation and its various services, a re-structuring and therefore also a new design of our webpages became urgently necessary, whereas the separation of the different corporate divisions was also performed within our internet presentation now.

We are pleased to welcome you on our new webpages and we hope, that these will find your valued interest.


ESD GmbH - Investigation and Security Service   

- Investigation and Detective Services                                                                                            

- Seizure and Safekeeping of Leasing/Rental Vehicles                                                                    

- Radio Surveillance (Location of Mini/Eavesdropping Transmitters, so called Bugs)                                                       

- Credit Assessments/Financial Standing Checks                                                                                                       

- Event Security                                                                                                     

- Special Missions                                                                 

- Maritime Security                                                                     

- Object- und Facilty Protection Services

- Personal Security (Close Protection)                                                               

- Security Consulting and Crisis Management                                                                

- Radio and Communication Equipment for Security Forces/Event Management/Hunting & Forestry/Park Rangers  - Security Electronic and Equipment

- Security Instruction and Training

- Security Radio Network Hamburg

- Mission Control and Operation Center


ESD GmbH - Division of Radio & Data Systems  

- Marine and Land Based Radio Systems MF/HF, VHF, Sat

- HF/VHF/Sat E-Mail - Systems and Modems

- Board Computers

- Weather Reception

- Technical Service and Support world-wide     

- Radio Accessory Parts (Rechargeable Batteries, Headsets, etc)

- Antennas

- HF E-Mail Network "Global Link Network (GLN)"

- HF E-Mail Network "Winlink-2000 (WL2K)"

- HF E-Mail Network "Sailmail"


We are your reliable contact partner in all aspects of industrial security and in the field of radio-and communication technology, as well as security equipment.

The ESD GmbH offers extensive services for industry, trade, service providers, private persons, universities and researching institutes, coast stations, embassies and public entities.


Talk to us - we are available for you - 24 hours on 365 days and world-wide!


Our contact details can be found in the imprint or under "contact" within the prevailing corporate division.